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Exploring the Culture and Nature of Lake Baikal

Highlights: Lake Baikal is magnificent whether in winter or summer. But best of all is to cruise along this beautiful lake and take in all its highlights. You will be able to observe the nerpa, visit Olkhon Island, the Selenga Delta and Barguzin. Your ship has only eight cabins, small but comfortable but is the perfect vessel for such an exploratory journey.

Duration/availability: on special request 

Logistical details: Moscow-Irkutsk-Ulan Ude-Moscow .Arrive in Moscow and spend the day exploring the city. Depart by plane for Irkutsk for one day of sightseeing before you board your small but comfortable ship. You will stay on the ship about eight days when you depart by motor coach to Ulan Ude. Spend a few days in this fascinating city before returning to Moscow. Read the itinerary…

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Weather in Irkutsk
MON (16.06, night) 17 / 15 Night
MON (16.06, morning) 19 / 17 Day
MON (16.06, day) 31 / 29 Day
MON (16.06, evening) 26 / 24 Day

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