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Baikal Ice Marathon

 X Jubilee Edition of Baikal Ice Marathon will be held on March, 01, 2014

The true Baikal winter running experience to support this Gem of Siberia and Well of the Planet Earth – LakeBaikal!   


The Lake Baikal International Ice Marathon offers competitors the unique opportunity to race across the frozen ice surface of the world’s largest, oldest and deepest lake. This extraordinary event takes place in one of the most beautiful places of Lake Baikal, and is based in the small town of Listvyanka,65 km south of Irkutsk ( a major stop-over on the Trans-Siberian route). The Marathon is a part of a larger winter games held on Lake Baikal – the “Winteriada” Baikal Nordic Games Festival which includes a number of other events such as Baikal Kamchatka Ice Fishing Cup, Baikal Prize Open Ice Golf Tournament, Ice Safari Expeditions on 4-WD, sled dogs and snow-mobiles, Alpine and extreme cross country skiing championships,  snow volleyball and football competitions, Baikal area hunters’ and outfitter’s festival and others… 

The surface of the frozen lake Baikal is covered in fields of “hummocks”, small hills of ice rubble. Beneath the ice surface, geothermic springs and seismic activity cause localized melting that sometimes may weaken the ice to form holes (though the average ice on Lake Baikal in this part is over 1 meter and a half which allows trucks and vehicles up to 10 ton in weight to drive on the ice). The race “Ice Captain” and his team of volunteers and the Baikal Ice Marathon support team have the task of plotting a safe course. To get well prepared for the laying of the ice course about a month and half before the Baikal Marathon the organizers of the Baikal Ice Marathon study satellite photos of the ice surface of Baikal to see how the lake freezes the current winter in order to locate possible stable ice cracks that sometimes can be up to 8 km long. A week before the Marathon we go on and lay preliminary Marathon course. The final course (42 km 195 m or 26 miles) is laid immediately preceding the race, otherwise movements in the ice can render the support team’s effort redundant. The course for the race of Baikal Marathon is also checked by the Emergency and  Rescue Committee staff before being approved as safe to drive the vans and run on the ice.

On the Baikal Ice Marathon race day itself, competitors are ferried by vans from Listvyanka to Tankhoy train station, located on the

opposite shore of Lake Baikal. Prior to the start of the race, competitors some years are required to partake in the precautionary ritual of “white m sprinkling”, in order to pacify the spirits of the Great Baikal.


The course is predominantly flat, but the surface is hard at times and uneven. Although it’s mostly covered in a soft layer f snow, there’re areas of highly polished ice that create conditions similar to an

ice-rink. Wind can add to the already bitingly cold temperature and provide serious resitance to progress across Lake Baikal. Though, often the weather is sunny and with no chill factor one can even get some sun tan. 



The utterly featureless landscape gives little or no sense of perspective to competitors. The finish line at the port of Listvyanka can be seen almost from the start line. It is a long, cold, lonely (if not to count the mobile 5 to 6 feed and drink stands) 42,2 km trail across the baren white landscape, where progress is marked only by checkpoints positioned at 5 km intervals (with hot drinks and food).


"The far reaches of Siberia may not be the first choice destinations for many endurance athletes, who may prefer instead the warmer, and more glamorous, climes. But for those that brave the splendid Russian winter, the reward is a fantastic race, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, on a one-off running surface of the Great Baikal". (Kym McConel & Dave Horsley)


Join us for a fantastic running experience across Lake Baikal in Russia. The opportunity to run on the ice-frozen surface of Lake Baikal and cross this world’s deepest, largest and oldest fresh water on the run – 1400 meters above the bottom – is just one-of-a-kind...







X Baikal International Ice Marathon 
"For preservation of clean water"

Jubilee Edition
March, 1, 2014, Listvyanka, Lake Baikal 

Organized by "Absolute Siberia" Ltd. Events & Expedition Bureau 



1. The Baikal Ice Marathon is aimed at:
- Ecologically sustainable development of Lake Baikal area, raising awareness on urgent need for conservation of clean water;
- Promotion of responsible recreation and healthy mode of life in Lake Baikal area.

2. Organizer
X edition of Baikal Ice Marathon (hereinafter referred to as “BIM”) is organized by "Absolute Siberia” Events & Expeditions Bureau under support of and coordination with the Organizing Committee of the “Winteriad-2014” International Baikal Winter Games Festival. Race Director: Mr. Alexei Nikiforov.

3. Date, time, course, place of holding of BIM
The BIM foot race will take place on March, 01, 2014 on Lake Baikal. The BIM course to be laid between the lakes’ 2 opposite sides. Depending on the ice conditions and those of the race course, the starting line of the Baikal Ice Marathon will be located either in the settlement of Listvyanka on the western shore of Lake Baikal or near the station of Tankhoy on the eastern shore of Baikal. Final location of the starting point shall be indicated a day before the commencement of BIM. Finish line of the BIM shall be located on the opposite shore, dependent on the starting line spot. The start time of BIM 42.195 km distance and BIM half distance (21 km) is – 09:00 a.m. if the start line is fixed on the western shore;11:00 a.m. local time if the start line is on the eastern shore.

4. Distances of BIM
Full marathon – 42 km 195 m; half marathon – 21 km.

5. Admittance and Participation 
5.1. Admitted to participate in and run the course of the BIM is anyone physically fit being 18 years or older who have former experience of running a long distance (full or half marathon, triathlon, ultra-marathon), and who is registered as the BIM runner and paid for the participation in the BIM.
5.2. Registration procedure
5.2.1. In order to be registered as the BIM runner one has to apply for participation filling out the pre-registration form, indicating one’s long distance running experience that can easily be confirmed by the protocols of the corresponding foot race the runner had taken part in (the last foot race a runner took part prior the BIM should not be earlier than 5 years before the BIM commencement). 
5.2.2. Each column of the application form has to be answered; incomplete or inexact filling out of the form can result in failure to be finally admitted to and run in the BIM. If an applicant provides false information in the application form and once such information becomes clear to the Organizing Committee, such an applicant shall not be admitted to the BIM.
5.2.3. The correspondingly filled out application form (attached below to the BIM Statutes) has to be send directly to the Organizer ("Absolute Siberia" Ltd.)  via e-mail to the e-mail addresses:, and a copy to: 
Applicants from the United States of America and Canada can send their applications to an authorized agent of the BIM: Amazing Running Tours, e-mail: , tel. 714-963-5281 800-707-0005 1-714-757-1425 (cell).
5.2.4. After considering the application form sent by a runner, the Organizer (“Absolute Siberia Ltd.) will reply the runner with notification that he/she either succeeded in pre-registration or failed to go through the pre-registration. In case of refusal to pre-register the applicant as a potential runner in the BIM, the Organizing Committee reserves the right not to accept any complaints from such an applicant and stops any further correspondence with this applicant. 
5.2.5. If a runner’s BIM application was accepted and this runner was pre-registered for the BIM run, together with notification thereof, the runner will receive from the Organizer (“Absolute Siberia” Ltd.) the invoice for the BIM runner package payment issue. Payment according to the invoice and BIM runner package cost shall be done by the pre-registered runner within 10 days after the invoice receipt by the runner. In case the above payment is not made by the runner during the indicated time period, the Organizer will without any prior notification cancel pre-registration of such a runner and pass the previously reserved space of this runner to another applicant who had applied later than the registration deadline, but may qualify for the BIM (same terms and payment conditions will apply). The Organizer may also notify the runner who successfully passed through pre-registration that he/she can be invoiced by an authorized agent of the X BIM (providing the contact details) in the agreed amount for the participation in the BIM. The runners should not issue any payment to any of possible agents before the receipt of this notification from the Organizer.
5.2.6. The issue of payment as per clause 5.2.4. for the BIM runner package by the pre-registered runner is regarded both as this runner’s registration at the BIM foot race and the runner’s full agreement with the present statutes and terms of the X BIM. 
5.3. The number of the runners in the BIM is limited. Registration deadline is December, 01, 2013. Applications sent by the runners later than the deadline are subject to be considered separately by the Organizer even though such an applicant may qualify for the run in the BIM. Depending upon availability of running space of the BIM, and once the limit of running space is reached the Organizer reserves the right to stop registration any time before the above indicated deadline.

6. BIM foot race rules
6.1. Control time for the full marathon distance is 6 hours, and half marathon distance – 4 hours. 
6.2. The runners who fail to cross the 21 km mark point of the BIM course within 4 hours after the start are disqualified, and have to get on hovercraft, snow mobile or any other transport admitted to serve the BIM course for further transportation to the corresponding shore. 
6.3. At any times when a judge or physician of the Baikal Ice Marathon states a runner is evidently unable to continue foot race or meet the course deadline/control time, the runner must on request immediately stop participation, remove the start number and move to the available vehicle for a further transfer to the finish line. 
6.4. Once the BIM starting line is on the western shore (in Listvyanka), runners in the BIM, after completing their distance and reaching the finish line at the eastern shore should upon first request of the judge/ any of the BIM organizing committee, and within 10 minutes after such a notice take seat in the indicated vehicle for a transfer back to the start line/ opposite shore of Baikal. Those who do not follow such a request will immediately be disqualified, and then take their transfer to the start line/opposite shore of Baikal in the last turn (after the last BIM runner finishes the BIM). 
6.5. Final admittance to the ice course of the BIM shall take place on the starting day of the BIM and in accordance with the BIM Pre-start standing order (see Cl. 13). 
6.6. Those runners, who on the day of BIM commencement before start and during the start show visible signs of alcohol intoxication or drug/ dope using, misbehavior that is beyond the bounds of decency or common sense law ( like euphoria, poor coordination, memory loss, slurred speech, confusion, impaired balance, loss of muscle coordination, evident rudeness/aggressiveness); refuse or fail to follow orders/requests of the Organizers before the start or at the start shall be immediately disqualified and no complaints shall be accepted or refunds made. 
6.7. Anyone ejected from the BIM or disqualified due to the reasons indicated in clauses 6.4., 6.6.will be automatically excluded or suspended from any of the next editions of BIM depending upon the severity of the connected action. 
6.8. Individual start number of the runners of BIM should be placed and well fixed on the runner’s chest. If a runner at the start or during the BIM fails to have the start number or it is not properly fixed on the chest disabling the marathon judges or anyone from the support team to clearly see the start number on the runner’s chest, the judge will have the right not to register the result of such a runner that will eventually lead to the runner’s disqualification.

7. BIM Financing, Participation Cost, Cancellation 
7.1. The funds made available by the Organizer to hold the BIM cover organizational costs of the BIM such as salaries, application processing & operational costs, expenditures for laying and marking the marathon course on the ice and its checking, transportation of participants to the BIM starting line, support and safety team direct costs, judges work , use of hovercrafts or any other vehicles that can be used for safe transfer on the ice, feed stations operation, start numbers and award fund - cups, medals, certificates, rent of the conference hall for the award ceremony, first aid medical insurance, accommodation and meals as a part of the 2-days runner package.
7.2. The cost of participation at the BIM for the Russian runners (citizens of Russian Federation) is lower than the cost applied to the foreign runners thanks to the extra funds the Organizer raises from sponsorship sources to support the Russian runners and minimize their registration and start fee. The costs of other integral parts of the BIM participation package (other than registration and start fee) are same. 
7.3. The cost of participation / running in the BIM for the foreign runners is fixed in the amount of the X BIM runner package cost and is EURO 442 per each runner irrespective of the distance runners choose in the BIM. This cost includes registration and start fee, 2 nights’ accommodation on twin room sharing basis with 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners, arrival transfer on February, 28, 02, 2014 from the airport to the hotel and departure transfer from the hotel to the airport on March, 02, 2014, as well as transfer to the BIM starting line on the day of its commencement (single room supplement is EURO 85 per person; 1 runner accompanying person cost sharing room with the runner is 200 euro). Other participation terms and costs can apply to late applicants. 
7.4. In case if a registered runner due to any reason cancels his/her participation in the BIM, or fails to timely arrive to the start because of own personal fault or a reason not dependent on the Organizer, the amount indicated in clause 7.3. is non-refundable, but can be partially used as the registration/start fee only in the next XI BIM.

8. Drink and feed stations. The BIM Course, weather and recommendations 
8.1. Drink and feed points en route the BIM course shall be located at 10, 15, 21,27,32,37 km mark points. The feed & drink ration includes tea, non-gas water, nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, cheese. The feed stations/point logistics and intervals though can slightly be changed depending on the BIM course conditions the night before the Baikal Ice Marathon commencing. If such a change occurs, the participants of the BIM shall be informed thereof at the pre-start registration/briefing or even at the starting line.
8.2. Near the eastern shore, the BIM course can be covered with fresh layer of snow (from 15 to 25 cm thick and up to 500 m long); in some places that are closer to the western shore there can be sections of open/naturally polished ice surface from 35 m to 400 m long; in other places there can be fields of so-called “kolobovnik” – sections of the «pan” or “plated” ice with granular tops of blurred color , frozen in the surface, which represent significant difficulty to run or even walk smoothly and require carefulness in fast moving on them. 
Lake Baikal has over 20 general and locally formed winds, and weather here is notoriously difficult to predict. The wind can be very changeable: blow in the race direction as well as into the runners’ backs or at a low height (south-eastern wind). Under the low air pressure, local Siberian “khius”-wind can blow, which being though not very strong, is very biting and piercing. Considering the wind chill, sharp gusts of the “khius”-wind even with – 10 Celsius can at some times freeze one’s face during the run or penetrate to one’s body through any of tiny openings or holes in sports wear cloths. It is very important to make sure that you can stay warm, dry and wind proven in just about any conditions. “Pack up” your body the most appropriate way for the run but in safe, cold wind protecting manner. 
The average air temperature range in the 1-st decade of March in the area of Baikal Ice Marathon course: from – 12 below zero to – 23 below (eastern shore) Centigrade near the starting line and at time of starting, from – 5 down to – 14 in the middle of the Baikal Ice course, from – 10 up to + 1 Centigrade closer to the western shore after 01 p.m. 
8.3.Runners are strongly recommended to wear and have the following or similar cloths/equipment: long distance running shoes with carbide spikes like Icebug or any solid alloy crampons twisted in soles; or average warm sport shoes with put on brackets that have strengthened bobbins( like Yaktrax Pro) and fixing straps, in order to provide for maximum cohesion, better stability and safety while running on ice; sun glasses, wind proof light jacket, gloves and wool cap, face mask/ ski bonnet, face protective cream.

9. Awards 
Winners of the X-th Baikal Ice Marathon (full marathon and half-marathon distances both in male and female groups) will be awarded with Baikal Ice Marathon-2014 Winner Cups and Champion medals.
2-nd and 3-rd place winners shall be awarded with Baikal Ice Prize Cups and medals. 
Some other testimonial awards such as the Cup of Baikal Ice Appreciation, Baikal Ice Partner Cup and commemorative medals of X Baikal Ice Marathon-2014 for the notable performance during the foot race shall be awarded to runners chosen by the Organizing Committee members.
All the BIM runners who finish their marathon distance within the control time shall be awarded with commemorative medals of the Baikal Ice Marathon and certificates.

10. Conservation of Clean Waters 
Baikal Ice Marathon is held on the frozen waters of southern Lake Baikal – the world’s deepest, largest in volume (22 % of the world’s surface water) and oldest – over 20 million years - freshwater lake that supports unique animal and plant life (¾ are endemic species) . Well of the Planet Earth, Sacred Sea, Siberia’s Pearl or Treasure of the World are few of the names that respectfully and with reverence refer to Lake Baikal. And in first turn, the Baikal is a live body of Great Water - the beginning and the continual of life on Earth. 
Throughout entire run in the Baikal Ice Marathon or stay on the shore of the sacred Baikal we urge not to throw away on to the surface any piece of rubbish and anything at all, keeping in mind both cleanness of water and landscape’s natural beauty. 
One can leave the rubbish, used cans, cups etc. at any of the feed stations on the Baikal Ice course, give it away to any one from the Baikal Ice Marathon support or rescue team, or carry with you until you encounter any of the latter. Disqualification can be applied as punishment for those who violate the above request.

11. Safety 
Safety of the runners during the Baikal Ice Marathon will be ensured by the Baikal Regional Rescue and Accident Service staff, use of the hovercrafts, availability of doctor. Each of the runners will also be provided with personal medical insurance valid from start and until the finish of the Baikal Ice Marathon.

12. Preliminary/brief schedule of the BIM 
- February, 28, 2014 – between 08:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. all runners gather at the Irkutsk airport for a transfer to the hotels located near the BIM fixed start. Upon arrival - check at the hotels followed by pre-start briefing and start numbers distribution. 19:00 – pasta dinner. Overnight.
- March, 01, 2014 – after breakfast pre-start zone gathering of runners and transfer to the BIM stating line. Start of the BIM accordingly. Before 18:30 – end of the BIM culminating with award ceremony and reception dinner.
- March, 02, 2014 – transfer of the runners back to Irkutsk.

13. Pre-start standing order of the BIM
13.1. The pre-start zone of the BIM is at the hotels where runners will stay. 
13.2. BIM start line is to be fixed one day before the BIM commencement. 
13.3. Pre-start registration and briefing, distribution of BIM start numbers shall take place at the hotels the runners will stay on February, 28, 2014 from 17:00 to 19:00. 
13.4. During the pre-start registration together with the start numbers/bibs each BIM runner will receive a plastic bag having an attached tag with a number that corresponds to the runners’ start number/bib and his/her distance in the BIM. This plastic bag with a number tag attached is to be used by a runner before the race begins on March, 01, 2014, to put in the change cloths that a runner may require after finishing the distance of the BIM race on March, 01, 2014. The overall weight of the cloths should not exceed 2 kilos. We urge you to refrain from putting any other items, belongings, valuables other than change cloths. The BIM Organizer shall not bear any responsibility for any loss of your other belongings put into the change cloth plastic bag by the runner in violation of the present clause term. 
13.5. Runners should be at the pre-start zone (hotel lobbies) at 08:20 a.m. on March, 01, 2014. 
13.6. Before boarding the transport vehicles for a transfer to the starting line runners should put their start numbers on, have them well fixed and clearly visible on their chest; and be prepared for getting on their vehicles assigned to them for a transfer to the starting line. . 
13.7. Boarding the transport vehicles to the starting line on March,01, is to begin at 08:30 a.m. if the BIM starting line will be fixed in Listvyanka (western shore) or at 09:00 a.m. if the BIM starting line is fixed near Tankhoy on the eastern shore of Baikal. Each runner is to board the vehicle he/she will be assigned to in accordance with the boarding name list. The runners will be notified of the details of their transport assignment list during the briefing on February, 28, 01, 2014. The BIM runners will have to strictly follow the details of this transport boarding list. Accurate and correct vehicle boarding by the runners at the pre-start zone is regarded to be an integral part of the final admittance to the start of the BIM. 
13.8. Runners who fail to arrive to the per-start zone and board the above mentioned assigned vehicles in time shall be removed from the BIM race and disqualified, and no complains or refunds shall be accepted or done by the Organizer. 
13.9. Departure to the BIM starting line on March, 01, 2014 is at 08:40 a.m., if the start is from Listvyanka, and at 09:10 a.m. if the start is to be near Tankhoy. 
13.10. Upon arrival at the start line and before getting off their transfer vehicles runners are requested to leave behind on the vehicle their change cloths plastic bags, having also checked the availability of the correct number tag on the plastic bag. The BIM support team will then pick up your plastic bags and get them to the BIM course support hovercrafts/vehicles for further delivery to the corresponding finish line. 
13.11. Five minutes after arrival to the start line all runners will be invited to get off the transfer vehicles, and walk to the start line. Near the start line runners then shall be kindly requested to show their reverence for Baikal: using a ring finger sprinkle the milk from the cups in to 4 sides of the Earth and drink the remaining content; or alternatively after the sprinkling just put the milk to the lips and then gently emptying the rest out on to the ice. A couple of minutes after this reverence for Baikal ancient ritual the sound from the handy loud speaker will mark the start of the jubilee 10-th edition of Baikal Ice Marathon “For preservation of clean water”. 
13.12. Runners must follow the BIM official announcer/ referees’ instructions at the pre-start zone and at the start line. Runners whose conduct at the pre-start zone or at the start line disturbs the time schedule and general order will be removed from the start and disqualified.

14. Official languages 
The official languages of the Baikal Ice Marathon are Russian and English languages.

15. Final conclusion 
15.1. Aimed at providing maximum safety and comfort of the runners during the BIM, the Organizer reserves the right to change time and place, order of the activities/ measures in the BIM.
15.2. The present BIM Statutes and Rules in no way can be regarded as an obligation of the Organizer to approve or confirm any person for participation in the BIM.

Read comments of Lake Baikal International Ice Marathon runners below:                                               

-  "As an Australian, the attraction was intense to run the Baikal Ice Marathon because in our country there is nothing to compare to the vast white wilderness and frozen beauty of Lake Baikal in Siberia. On the sunny and frosty morning of the 2012 event it was a privilege to stand with competitors from all over the world to bless this ancient and sacred lake.  It is tradition to pacify the lake god Burkhan and hope for a safe passage across the lake.  This year the offering was with milk sprinkled north, south, east and west.  It was an honour, not only to bless the lake but to experience the 42.2km journey on foot across its frozen water. The pristine snow, pure air, stunning landscape and comfort of knowing that friendly faces welcomed us at each of the drink stations served to enhance this amazing experience.  Not far from the finish line a large bird flew directly towards me and when it was overhead it greeted me with a kind and welcome call, as if to say "you are nearly there" - I will never forget it. Burkhan was kind to us that day as the predicted winds did not arrive and we were treated to a perfect sunny day.  A huge thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of this magnificent and unique event.  It was an absolute joy and I look forward to returning to Lake Baikal soon." - Maybritt Elisabet Prahl, of Sydney, Australia (female winner of the 8-th Baikal Ice Marathon wo achieved new world record of running marathon on ice).

-  "After my first run on the Lake Baikal, I decided to come back again and I already ran three times. This year was my first try to run a full marathon which I wished to do for a long time. I trained myself a lot and participated in several marathons in 2011.  Every run were for the Baikal.  Finally, my dream comes true.  I ran from a shore to the opposite shore with enjoying the time talking with the great nature of Baikal. The cleanest water, the most beautiful ice, the freshest water and the kindest people are the treasure of Russia.  I wish I can come back to this hallowed lake every year. Thank you, Baikal!! “ - Higuchi Yasuaki, Japan.

- "The run, I won’t deny, was something of a slog: even the toasts we drank in milk at the start to appease the lake spirits could not moderate the toughness of a featureless ice field where the brain can find no progress markers and distances are impossible to gauge. Yet the sense of achievement on reaching the little wooden hut set up in mid-lake after 21km (13 miles) and two hours 25 minutes was extraordinary, and as we drove back by hovercraft the otherworldly beauty of Baikal worked its magic." - Lucy Ward, UK.

- "On 3rd March 2012 Trevor and I finished the Baikal Ice Marathon in Siberia. We crossed the finish line in 5 hours and 3 minutes, running on one of the most unique landscapes on the planet. Conditions on the day of the race were exceptional - Heaven gave us blue sky and lots of sun. In such conditions, a new world record was set of marathon running on the ice! Our race did not beat any records, but we succeeded in finishing the race on the beautiful frozen scenic trail and it was for us a huge achievement" - Dr Philip Blezdel, UK.

- "There are a few adventures that I have undertaken, that really stayed on my mind for a long time. Of course I remember them all, but they tend to merge and blend and I lose some of the details. Sometimes it’s just the beautiful scenery you find yourself in. Sometimes it’s the outstanding physical or aesthetically pleasurable experience. Sometimes the good company or the inspiring people I met, or the different and admirable culture, or the unusual circumstances. And sometimes it’s all of the above.  And that’s how it was: the Baikal Ice Marathon."  - Lora Nicolai , Bulgaria.

- "It was a great privilege to run across this vast and beautiful expanse of ice.  I took part with my Embassy colleagues to raise awareness of global climate change and the contribution which each of us can individually make to save energy from fossil fuels. LakeBaikal supplies a sixth of the world’s fresh water so it is crucial that we make global efforts to preserve important natural resources such as this for future generations” - Julia Knights, UK.

-  "Baikal Ice Marathon is Russia's most exotic foot race! " - Gennadyi Vasyukevich, Russia.

- "It is with great sincerity that I share my compliments with you regarding a wonderful experience in your country in association with running the VIII Lake Baikal International Ice Marathon.  The event was masterfully organized to the extent I will say that the organization could only be topped by the sheer beauty and majesty of the setting.  Without a doubt, Lake Baikal is a true wonder of the world, and I feel very fortunate to have traversed its ice-covered surface.  I can only imagine how beautiful the Lake is when it is not frozen.  The race was fair- yet extremely challenging.  It is a race I take immense pride in completing as I move toward running a marathon on every continent. I can imagine no experience more unique on the Asian continent.  Staff members were extremely professional. The Russian people were wonderfully hospitable during my entire stay, and I will always treasure the memories of my visit to Listvyanka, Siberia. Thank you for organizing a great event! “ - David Bryan, Portsmouth, NH-USA.

- "There’re only few places in the world where you can run a marathon on ice. On Lake Baikal it was harder than on Yukon in Canada." – Udo Mueller.
- "This excellent organized event was AN ICE COLD ORGAZM!!! Please, continue on with your efforts." – Stefan Schlett.
- "The experience of a life time. Thanks you and I hope there will be a chance to come back." – Claus Neumann.
- "The Ice Marathon on Lake Baikal is one of the best in the world besides Antarctic, Mount Everest or Mongolia Marathon." – Peter Clark.
- "For people who are coming from European countries the atmosphere of this race was “one-of-a-kind”. Step by step was enjoyable and sometimes difficult, because - some little snow fields were breaking the rhythm of run." – Henry Kaluza.
- "Ten thousand kilometers away from one’s home feeling to be familiar with friends…42.2 km is much too long for this lake but you managed to make a unique event…” – Maria Kurz.
- "The Baikal Marathon is extraordinary: environment, temperature, and staff… My congratulations for the perfect organization." – Michael Siebert.
- "Very nice run and superb organization: everybody was nice and helpful to us."– Claus Lehr.
- "Thank you. This was a great Race across wonderful Baikal: perfect organization and friendly staff. Also nice that it was possible for my girlfriend as “no runner” to follow the race very close. Good luck for more adventure races on Baikal." – the 'Swiss' Roland Haechler.

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   Baikal Ice Marathon KEY DATA:

RACE: Lake Baikal International Marathon
LOCATION:Lake Baikal (Listvyanka, Russia)
DISTANCE: 42.2 km (26 miles),single stage
DATE: March
TOTAL ASCENT: Negligible
KEY CHARACTERISTICS: Marathon on frozen surface of world’s largest and deepest fresh-water lake
RACE RECORDS: Male:2:55:51, Female:3:50:11
CLIMATE: -5˚ to 2˚C (23˚F to 35˚F)
FINISHERS: 85-90 % of starters



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